Stay Healthy – Tobi Amusan

Stay Healthy – Tobi Amusan

“I believe once I am healthy, I can do damage!”

Our golden girl, Tobi Amusan, excitedly said these words in one of her television interviews after making Nigeria proud.

We might not have the physical training regimen that Amusan engages in, but our Duchess tips captures a few everyday activities that could fall in place.

1. Take the Stairs: Starting with the obvious, of course. Not always the easiest, but your heart and cardiovascular system will thank you.

2. Home repair tasks / Clean your house: Change that light bulb, unpack those boxes, declutter that storage area/room, and install that new shelf.

3. Play with your kids or Take your dogs for a walk.

You can also go out of your way to create low-tension routines like hiking, bike riding, volleyball or playing football with friends.

Take your time. Set your own pace. You’re in control.

When you’re healthy, you can do SO MUCH MORE.

At Duchess, your health is our priority.

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