Meet a Duchess Gem – Chinwuba Arinze

Meet a Duchess Gem – Chinwuba Arinze

Meet Chinwuba Arinze, one of our starling Biomedical Scientists at the Duchess International Hospital. He shares his experience contributing to the affordable, world-class healthcare vision of the Duchess Hospital.

“As a biomedical scientist, I’m tasked with carrying out a wide range of medical testing,  such as diagnostic testing of tissue, blood or other bodily fluids and improving my knowledge and skills in the profession in conformity with international standards.

Working in Duchess is like being in a start-up; work doesn’t necessarily end at the close of the day. Instead, you are constantly brainstorming for ideas to improve the organisation and take it to a greater level.

Although it can be demanding, my work is fuelled by a desire to deliver the best healthcare services to Individuals in need. I am even more passionate about my work as I had been in a position where my health was failing, and I had to be subjected to hospice. I’m alive today because I received the best services from the Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacists and Laboratory personnel.

I take pride in the fact that I’m part of a team of highly skilled professionals who deliver the best healthcare experience to In-Patients and Out-Patients. This gives me a great sense of belonging, knowing I contribute to the Duchess’ mission of providing affordable premium healthcare to everyone.”

We are so proud of our #DuchessGems.

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