Duchess International Women’s Day Feature: Oreofe Moronkola

Duchess International Women’s Day Feature: Oreofe Moronkola

My name is Oreofe Moronkola, and this is my Duchess story.

It began with me working out of the admin wing as an Operations team member. From those early days, I knew that I had finally found my niche in my heart. While I still belong to the Operations Division according to the Duchess reporting structure, I have successfully pivoted. I now serve primarily as a biomedical engineer in medical equipment management – my dream role.

Some say this feat has earned me the title of the Duchess Nomad. Do you agree? Maybe or maybe not, however, there’s hardly anyone else who has had a fuller, richer and more diverse experience here yet, and you are about to find out how.

Firstly, I’d love to mention that a significant gift the Duchess International Hospital tends to bring to all – who dare to take it – is visibility. This concept, which is crucial in developing star employees, helped me showcase my talents. This, in turn, catalyzed my move to the Biomedical Engineering Unit, which I would very well describe as a leap up (even though my office moved five floors down). I vividly remember my transfer-at-work impromptu interview where I strolled into the meeting room feeling like an imposter. However, I was about to be granted the chance to achieve one of my career aspirations. Suffice to say that I exited the room charged and confident. If you have worked at the Duchess long enough, you should be able to tell who worked their magic.

Since the move, several skills I honed while discharging my duties during my stint at Ops have proven to be transferable and have thus come in handy working in my new capacity, thereby making me a better medical equipment manager. The entire engineering team – facility maintenance and biomedical, including the respective heads have been patient and accommodating, which makes collaborating very enjoyable.

While I still have a lot to learn and give, I can confidently say I am not the same person who walked through those double doors at the Duchess’ main reception on my first day here. The people and the system here have poured into me such that I have undergone accelerated talent development.

Every single day at the Duchess presents fresh challenges where I am guaranteed to learn a great deal about solutions targeting the delivery of top-notch clinical care services by any standard.

In addition, I am rapidly morphing into a people person as I have been able to make significant and valuable connections. I have explored some of these further, and it has led to me cultivating strong bonds with a good number of my senior colleagues (Mrs A, Mr Ajose) and peers (Omoniyi, Uche, Joy). I feel blessed to count on them to offer a cheeky smile or a hug and support at any point in time.

Quite the transformation! You might say, and I have barely scratched the surface. In all, I am grateful for the experience because joining the Duchess International Hospital has been a great turning point in my life.

I look forward to what is to come as we, at the Duchess, collectively strive to reverse medical tourism in Nigeria by providing quality and affordable healthcare services.


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