Duchess Hospital’s 2nd Medical Outreach: Free Health Services for the Community

Duchess Hospital’s 2nd Medical Outreach: Free Health Services for the Community

Duchess Hospital Medical Outreach

On June 1, 2024, Duchess Hospital held its 2nd medical outreach event, reaffirming its commitment to providing accessible and excellent healthcare services to the community. The event, which took place at The Duchess Car Park, was a resounding success, attracting a large crowd of enthusiastic participants.


The outreach offered a variety of essential screenings, including free mammograms for the first 20 women and specialised scans for the first 50 pregnant women.  These services were conducted at The Duchess building using our state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring accurate and timely results.


The outreach program provided free consultations with our team of expert consultants and specialised scans. This allowed beneficiaries to discuss their health concerns and receive expert advice from experienced professionals. Furthermore, participants could also take advantage of free audiology, dental, and eye consultations to identify and address potential issues.


The event offered free lab tests for blood sugar and glucose levels, providing valuable information to empower individuals to take a proactive approach to their well-being. Additionally, free consultations with a dietitian were available for those seeking personalised dietary guidance.


The event’s impact was evident in the testimonies of its beneficiaries. 


One of the beneficiaries in their reflections stated: 


“I got here 9 minutes past 5 am because of how important this is to me; my experience was great; I thought the Mammogram would be a lot painful, but the person that attended to me made me feel at ease, and I am so impressed.”


Another beneficiary said, 

“Thank you for this gift. I had free consultations and also free fruits. Thank you, Duchess. You guys are doing a great job.”


Duchess International Hospital remains committed to serving the community.  Our mission statement reflects this dedication: “To be Africa’s favourite hospital – the continent’s trusted international healthcare provider of choice.”  The outreach program aligns with this vision by providing the highest standards of care, utilising advanced technology, and making it accessible to all.


The Duchess Royal Medical Check-up

Take advantage of our ongoing Royal Medical Check-up – an Exclusive 3-day Comprehensive Total Body Health Screening and Wellness Programme

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