Duchess Gems: Oje Ovbiageli

Duchess Gems: Oje Ovbiageli

Duchess International Hospital is totally committed to reversing medical tourism, and fulfilling this commitment implies that we deliver to our patients, the best treatment and care they can get anywhere in the world with a topping of exceptional service.

We prioritise our customer experience right from when they step into the perimeters of our facility and everything they do till they exit our doors. Heading the team of over 20 customer service professionals is our Duchess Gem of the week, Oje Ovbiageli.

O.J., as he is fondly called, is the Customer Experience Manager at Duchess International Hospital. It is his job to create an excellent customer service experience for each and every patient that walks through the doors. This includes how they are received at the gate, how they are welcomed at the front desk, speedy resolutions to patients’ problems or inquiries, ensuring that the waiting time for consultations is reduced and that patients receive their bills on time and understand their bills and medications. His team also ensures that patients receive their bills on time and make sure tests and investigations are conducted speedily, Patients understand the turnaround time of those tests, and also ensure there is a follow-up review of those tests with the consultant doctors. Basically, everything encompasses their experience.

Having joined the Duchess in December 2021, OJ describes his experience working here as interesting, rewarding and satisfying:
“Working at the duchess has been interesting, pretty interesting. It has been a very enriching experience. Working in the hospital and the health sector, in general, is totally different from working in other service industries.

“The best part about working at the duchess is seeing people who walked in with anxiety and concern, leaving satisfied having been treated and being on that journey of healing. Attending to them well is one of my greatest sources of satisfaction.”

Outside work, he loves going to the gym, watching movies and listening to music. However, you might find it interesting that he never learnt how to ride a bicycle.

Working in customer service has always been O.J.’s passion, he says, “I got in this career path because I feel like in Nigeria, the standards of customer service could be a lot better than it is. Many people are not naturally patient; when we want something, we want it immediately. So it is challenging to provide customer service to impatient people, but it is also very rewarding. I have always had that passion for delivering quality customer care, making people feel appreciated and actively listening to them and solving their problems.”

“I will advise my younger self to follow your passion. You can’t give your best if you’re not passionate about something. Passion makes whatever you do so much easier.”

OJ has stayed true to his passion, and he’s providing patients at the Duchess with the best service they can receive anywhere in the world.

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