Duchess Gems: Nurse Yemi Oshifade

Duchess Gems: Nurse Yemi Oshifade

Duchess Gem: Nurse Yemi Oshifade

Meet Oyeyemi Oshifade, a shining star on our nursing team and a true #DuchessGem! Nurse Yemi, as he is fondly called, brings a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to patient-centred care to his role as Center Manager for Endoscopy, Surgical Specialties, and Cardiac Surgery at Duchess International Hospital. In a sit-down with me, he shared a bit about his Duchess experience, his love for cooking, and much more.

Oyeyemi’s educational journey began at Olabisi Onabanjo University, where he bagged a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in Biochemistry, providing a solid scientific foundation. His Bachelor of Nursing Science (BNSc) from the University of Medical Sciences in Nigeria equipped him with the clinical expertise he applies every day. This unique blend of knowledge positions him to understand the intricate details of both healthcare and scientific principles


For Nurse Yemi, working at Duchess International Hospital is more than just a job; it’s a calling. He said, “The unwavering commitment to excellence that permeates every aspect of the hospital fosters a supportive and dynamic environment where healthcare professionals can flourish. The patient-centred approach ensures that every decision and action is guided by the unique needs of each individual. The collaborative spirit at Duchess allows nurses to leverage each other’s strengths, fostering teamwork and innovation to achieve the best possible outcomes. With opportunities for professional growth abundant, Duchess provides the resources and support to help its nurses excel.”  Working at Duchess is a privilege for Oyeyemi, and he is grateful to be part of a team that is genuinely making a difference.


Yemi’s role as Center Manager is multifaceted. He administers medications and develops care plans for patients undergoing endoscopic and surgical procedures. He also fosters a collaborative team environment where nurses can thrive under his mentorship.  He’s a champion for quality assurance, implementing measures that ensure patient safety and satisfaction are never compromised.  His commitment extends to continuous improvement, collaborating with stakeholders on initiatives to enhance service excellence and efficiency.  Knowledge sharing is a priority for Yemi, and he conducts regular training sessions to keep his team sharp and up-to-date on the latest advancements.  His dedication doesn’t stop there – Yemi actively contributes to clinical research, staying at the forefront of emerging trends in his specialised areas. 


No two days are alike for Yemi. His mornings begin with ensuring everything is in place for the day’s procedures, from staffing and resources to patient schedules. Throughout the day, he oversees the endoscopy and surgical speciality units, guiding his team and collaborating with other healthcare professionals to create a seamless flow of care.


Duchess International Hospital has played a pivotal role in shaping Yemi’s career in nursing administration and leadership career. Exposure to diverse clinical scenarios and the opportunity to collaborate with renowned experts have broadened his knowledge and honed his healthcare management skills.


The most rewarding part of working at the Duchess?

The impact.  


Nurse Yemi finds deep purpose in knowing that his work directly improves patients’ lives.  Every day brings an opportunity to make a difference through compassionate care, innovative solutions, or contributions to groundbreaking research.  


He also shared, “The supportive and collaborative environment at The Duchess makes coming to work a pleasure.  “Being surrounded by like-minded professionals dedicated to excellence fosters a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose that uplifts everyone.”


An Interesting fact about Nurse Yemi
“One interesting thing about me is my love for adventure and exploration. I have a curious spirit and a thirst for knowledge that drives me to seek out new experiences and learn from different cultures and perspectives.

Whether travelling to far-flung destinations, trying exotic foods, or immersing myself in unfamiliar environments, I find joy in stepping outside of my comfort zone and embracing the unknown. These experiences have enriched my life in countless ways and helped shape me into who I am today.”


When Oyeyemi isn’t leading his team at Duchess, he enjoys unwinding with his spouse, Ajoke, and loved ones. His passion for cooking also allows him to express his creativity while nourishing those he cares about. An avid reader, Oyeyemi enjoys delving into various topics and finds solace in music.

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