Dr Tokunbo Shitta-Bey Addresses Students at the Duchess Students Career Fair

Dr Tokunbo Shitta-Bey Addresses Students at the Duchess Students Career Fair

Duchess Career Fair

This is by Far One of the Most Important Things We Have Done at The Duchess – Dr Tokunbo Shitta-Bey

Last week, The Duchess Hospital hosted its maiden edition of her Students Career Fair, a vibrant event brimming with the energy and potential of future healthcare heroes.  In his opening speech, our Chief Executive Officer, Dr Tokunbo Shitta-Bey, captured the essence of the day, declaring it “by far one of the most important things we have done at The Duchess.”


In his address, the CEO underscored the profound significance of this career fair. He highlighted the pivotal role of education in grooming individuals who will eventually lead our country. Addressing the young audience directly, he aptly pointed out that they are the future of our nation, entrusted with the responsibility of steering it towards progress and prosperity.


Drawing parallels between education and healthcare, the CEO stressed that these two pillars significantly influence a nation’s wealth and well-being. Healthcare, he emphasised, is not just about medical treatments and procedures; it revolves around people and the systems that support them. 


The CEO even shared a personal anecdote, revealing how a popular British sitcom, “Doctor in the House,” ignited his passion for medicine at the young age of ten.


The day provided secondary school students with a unique opportunity to engage with medical professionals from various specialities.  These discussions, driven by curiosity and a sincere passion for medicine, were a fundamental part of the event.


Attendees also had the invaluable opportunity to take a guided tour of The Duchess Hospital’s state-of-the-art facilities. As they walked through the corridors and observed the intricate workings of the hospital, they gained a deeper understanding of the Duchess’ holistic and best-in-class approach to delivering its affordable healthcare objectives.

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