Five tips to keep your heart healthy


Five tips to keep your heart healthy When you think of keeping your heart healthy, the first thing that comes to mind is preventing heart disease. Hence it is important to make heart-healthy choices daily to prevent heart disease. Here are five easy ways you can help keep your heart healthy Exercise regularly Regular physical […]

International Cervical Awareness Month, 2023

International Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, 2023

It’s Cervical Health Awareness Month, 2023, and it’s time to prioritise our reproductive health! The need for women to be aware and educated on the causes, symptoms and effects of cervical cancer can not be over-emphasized. Although it is the fourth most prevalent type of cancer in women worldwide, it is also one of the […]

Stay Healthy – Tobi Amusan

“I believe once I am healthy, I can do damage!” Our golden girl, Tobi Amusan, excitedly said these words in one of her television interviews after making Nigeria proud. We might not have the physical training regimen that Amusan engages in, but our Duchess tips captures a few everyday activities that could fall in place. […]

World Physiotherapy Day 2022

WORLD PHYSIOTHERAPY DAY 2022 It’s #worldphysiotherapyday and the theme for this year is “Osteoarthritis” and the role of Physiotherapists in the management of Osteoarthritis. Arthritis is a general term that means inflammation of the joints, and ‘osteo’ means bone. Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common type of arthritis, commonly known as “wear and tear arthritis.” […]

Tip of the Week – Coping With Stress

What’s your stress coping mechanism? When you’re stressed and need some “me time”, we recommend: – Taking deep breaths. – Meditate on your purpose and goal. – Listen to calm, soothing music or your favourite audio. – Take a walk. – Paint or do creative coloring. – Eat healthy. – Journal your thoughts. – Take […]