Duchess Career Fair

Explore different paths, meet cool professionals, and see how you can make a big impact at the Duchess Career Fair. Gear up for May 22nd—this is your chance to start shaping the future of healthcare in Nigeria!

The Future is Now!

Are you curious about the amazing world of healthcare? Do you dream of making a difference in people’s lives? 

This event is specially designed for you!

We’re excited to share knowledge and raise general awareness about the various careers in healthcare. Our goal is to encourage and inspire students to pursue careers in healthcare and provide opportunities for students with common interests to interact.

This is a unique chance to learn about the different subspecialties at Duchess Hospital, meet healthcare professionals, and discover the exciting possibilities in healthcare. We believe that world-class healthcare is possible and available in Nigeria, and we want to inspire the next generation of healthcare leaders!

Mark your calendars for May 22nd and prepare to explore, learn, and be inspired!

Duchess Career Fair

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