Summy Smart Francis

“I was blessed to have found Duchess… For the facilities at the Duchess, it’s surprising that it doesn’t come at a fortune, and it is quite affordable…”

Joy Smart Francis – Patient

“I wanted a place where I could feel at home and not necessarily not like in a hospital. Everyone who attends to you does it with a smile and warmth, which takes away the fear and burden of going through childbirth…”

VP Prof. Yemi Osinbajo

“The Duchess International Hospital is, by medical and aesthetic standards, comparable to the best hospitals in the world”. “… I am possibly the best person to confirm that the Duchess Hospital has proved to be world-class, both in the quality of its medical personnel and its management and that it is living up to its […]

Abubakar Minjibir – Patient

“The entire end-end customer experience is incredibly amazing, second-to-none in Nigeria. The entire staff are well trained. I do hope the standard will be maintained in a sustainable path. Well done!!!”