Oje Ovbiageli – Customer Experience Manager

“The best part about working at the duchess is seeing people who walked in with anxiety and concern, leaving satisfied having been treated and being on that journey of healing. Attending to them well is one of my greatest sources of satisfaction.”  

Peace Iyere – Pharm. (Dr)

It has been one amazing year so far at the Duchess International Hospital and working in Duchess has taken me to another phase in my career. DIH nurtures collaboration among all its health professionals for the sole benefit of the patient.

Oreofe Moronkola – Biomedical Engineer

Oreofe Mornokola - Biomedical Engineer at Duchess Hospital

I’d love to mention that a significant gift the Duchess International Hospital tends to bring to all – who dare to take it – is visibility. This concept, which is crucial in developing star employees, helped me showcase my talents.